Saturday, 22 August 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Full Movie Free Download

Tom Cruise is ready to hang on the door of an airplane taking off for your enjoyment. What would you like? What about a motorcycle at full speed through the curves of a road in Morocco? He is holding their breath under water for more than five minutes to do something for you? Cruise is increasingly in the Mission: Impossible series, and his work with Rogue Nation is no exception.

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Ethan Hunt (Cruise) returns, this time in search of the Syndicate, a group of renegade spies led by Solomon Lane (a kind of counter, clean-cut, soft voice Sean Harris), who are bent on changing the world leader dead at the same time. Normally, it is the perfect teammate hunting IMF, but the program has been completed signed by another government agency, the CIA. Hunting remains undaunted mission seems impossible, but with the help of Luther (Ving Rhames, returning full time), Benji (Simon Pegg) is Success by-the-book-ish (Ghost Protocol Jeremy Renner) and Brandt computer whiz searches last mission possible . Benji M: Chloe I was 24 - I do not think I can imagine in their series, to begin with, but now I can not imagine the series without them.A new addition to the team (or almost) Ilsa Rebecca Ferguson spy organization Carril (or is?). She is a mystery, an enigma wrapped in a riddle in a mystery, but the story is not too complicated. Rogue Nation keeps it simple at the Department of the plot, but never later simplified.

  In the case of actions corresponding to hunt makeup make-up, even in what is going to save the day on more than one occasion. He also finds time to take off his heels before going down. How thoughtful! Rogue Nation is ideal for a summer of sequels and rebuilt antidote disappointing start (Fury Road is the obvious exception). Once with Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) have Cruise led his team to another Globetrotters Austria in Morocco to London adventurous, not afraid to up the ante when it comes to action scenes, but more importantly, bookending each scene with a wink and a smile. Over the past decade, the Mission: Impossible series has become the new James Bond series old.Not that something is wrong with the new Bond.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Fantastic Four Full Movie Free Download

After enduring endless wave of criticism during the pre-launch recently released Fantastic Four reboot of Fox is now something much, much worse. The film was the recipient of mouth-to-mouth, said toxic, as well as those who appreciate its virtues to admit that everything disappears at the end (read our review).

With all the negative buzz (for hateful comments started to come), I never expected the film would turn the fire box, The Avengers. But given the popularity of superhero movies in general and the visibility of the Fantastic Four logo, monitoring has been set in advance for a debut at $ 46 million. Now you do not even know.

Variety reports that the Fantastic Four managed a weak $ 2.7 million during screenings advanced Thursday night. With the film struggling to attract large crowds on the weekends, now estimated at a difficult time passing $ 30 million during the first three days, which would be a blow for the study.

Open his songs were extremely rare in this genre. The latest project to achieve the feat was the adjustment Green Hornet in 2011, and it's safe to say the Fantastic Four has a little "more than a profile of the property. The forecasts continue to fall, Fox would run the risk of losing money in its $ 120 million investment. This figure relates to the production costs, which usually does not include the prices of commercialization, and this factor can add a significant portion of the total budget.

If Fantastic Four not saving grace would be the international box, which sometimes can help to drive a mediocre film in black. But it would be unwise to bet on the restart quickly become a global phenomenon whatsoever. Yes, the film can make the money back, but it does not mean that the big problem overall will. The last time a superhero movie has been criticized for this poison was Green Lantern in 2011 and only managed $ 219.8 billion (barely covers production budget $ 200 million).

Before the Fantastic Four arrived hoping Fox one day to work the concession in bloom with its series X-Men, but will probably end up being a chimera. E 'became painfully clear public does not respond well to this version of Reed Richards & Co., is launching future plans for the property in a state of flux. You can study the planned Fantastic Four sequel to June 2017 but the recent development because the project can be closed remembered.

After trying (and failing) to provide convincing Fantastic Four film in the mid-2000s, the hope was the fox had learned their lesson and straight characters would do it this time. And when the first trailer for the film was released, he painted a promising picture. Unfortunately for all involved, this iteration of the Fantastic Four movie was worse than the first, with director Josh Trank, while expressing his displeasure with how it went. No matter how far down to get information about the box office, it will just salt in the wound for Fox. At least that Deadpool, right?

Fantastic Four now playing in theaters, Deadpool opens February 12, 2016; X-Men: Apocalypse May 27, 2016; Gambit 7 October 2016; Wolverine 3 3 March 2017; Amazing 4:02 June 9, 2017; and some not even specified movie X-Men 13 July 2018. The new Mutants also under development.
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